DeePathology™ STUDIO

Rapid AI Creation

made available for every Pathologist

  • DeePathology STUDIO is a game changer for Digital Pathology!

    DeePathology™ STUDIO is an Interactive Do it Yourself platform for AI in Pathology – it lets Pathologists and Researchers create powerful AI solutions for Pathology, extremely fast, and then use these algorithms to create powerful analytics on new pathology slides.

    Whether you are a CRO that wants to count hundreds of millions of cells on a new study, or a Pharma company that wants to create powerful tools to be used for Drug Outcome Prediction – DeePathology™ STUDIO brings these capabilities to you.

    Create Proof Of Concepts for most problems – in 5 minutes.

  • DeePathology STUDIO lets you create different types of AI solutions that cover most of the problems you encounter: Detecting the boundaries and types of different kinds of cells and other objects, Segmenting different types of regions, and classifying image tiles into different Phenotypes.

    You can also combine all these modes to create powerful solutions, for example counting cells only in a specific tissue. 

  • We are leveraging state of the art Deep Learning algorithms, to make sure you can create the most powerful solutions, in the shortest time, with the lowest amount of data.

    DeePathology™ STUDIO uses what we call “Deep Interactive Online Active Learning”.

    This makes the annotation experience extremely powerful.

    Using DeePathology™ STUDIO, the system suggests you what to annotate and you can annotate extremely large high quality datasets in a fraction of the time it would take you otherwise.

  • DeePathology™ STUDIO is easy to use and fun while keeping your data private. It can run on a laptop inside your lab, without having to send your data to a remote server.

The Workflow:


DeePathology™ STUDIO Objects Mode

The Objects mode lets you create algorithms that detect the boundaries of objects, and classify their categories.
You annotate a few examples from every category (up 10 categories supported), then run the algorithm and correct mistakes, and you will get an AI solution in minutes.

Annotation Magic?
The system lets you jump to the next recommended object to annotate.

Active Learning Gallery Mode for High Quality Balanced datasets in minutes.
DeePathology™ STUDIO also brings you objects and displays them in a gallery.
All you have to do is navigate between them and set their type.
This is leveraging an extremely powerful Active Learning Engine –
DeePathology™ STUDIO suggests you the most important examples to annotate.


DeePathology™ STUDIO Cells Mode

The cells mode lets you create algorithms for detecting different types of cells, and then detect millions of them in new slides.
This leverages on our powerful built in Cell Detection building blocks that let you get accurate detections in challenging real life scenarios.

You can annotate by drawing cells in the viewer, by adding detections made by the algorithm, or by annotating in the powerful Gallery.

Using the Gallery, DeePathology™ STUDIO makes sure you are annotating the most important cells.
You can annotate thousands of cells in just a few minutes. It is not just the quantity of cells – these are high quality images that will make your dataset diverse, and improve your algorithms the most.

All you have to do – is sit back, drink some coffee, and correct mistakes from time to time in the gallery.


DeePathology™ STUDIO Regions mode

The Regions mode lets you create region segmentation algorithms for detecting regions of different types. 

You can then detect them in new slides, and combine this with other DeePathology™ STUDIO modes to count different types of cells and objects inside different regions.


DeePathology™ STUDIO Tiles Mode

Sometimes what you want is to annotate hundreds of tiles from different Phenotypes in minutes.

Annotating Tiles is simple, fast, and lets you create extremely powerful solutions in record time.
You can quickly annotate tiles (small squares) by clicking on the viewer. An in no time, you will get a result.

You can also annotate different tissue types inside the gallery.


Highly Configurable

To adapt to challenging real life scenarios, there are many more different settings and modes in DeePathology™ STUDIO, for changing magnifications, controlling tissue detection, algorithms sensitivities and more.

API for Super Users

DeePathology™ STUDIO also has an API that lets you run the algorithms created with DeePathology™ STUDIO from code. 

This allows connecting the solutions developed with DeePathology™ STUDIO in any analytics pipeline, and use DeePathology™ STUDIO generated algorithms as part of a larger process, for example to predict patient outcomes. 

This also lets you run DeePathology™ STUDIO generated algorithms on huge scales on your HPC – and for example quickly deploy these algorithms on thousands of slides.

One AI Platform - for

Endless Pathology Use Cases (partial list)

Frequently Asked Questions:

DeePathology™ STUDIO currently runs on windows, and requires an NVIDIA GPU with 4GB or more RAM.
The machine can sit inside your lab, without the need to send your slides outside.

We support all the major scanner WSI formats (.svs, .ndpi, .tiff, .bif, .mrxs and more), and also regular images (.png, .jpeg, .bmp and so on).

Please contact us for further information.