AI Applications

The DeePathology® STUDIO is a powerful generator of AI based solutions for various problems in pathology.

We can develop proof of concept solutions to various problems in pathology very quickly relying on small amounts of data, and then extend the solutions to support a diversity of various staining, scanners and other features that may change between different labs. 

You can also use the DeepValidate utility in the validation procedure for the solutions. 

Our vision is the creation of AI solutions that serve as Decision Support Systems. It is actually pretty simple: we provide the information to the expert – so that the expert can make better informed decisions much quicker. 

Diagnostic Decision Support systems:

H. Pylori
Decision Support System

Detection of the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in gastric biopsies is a common task in pathology. This is a tedious and time consuming task for the pathologists and sometimes it is easy to miss instances of the bacteria.

The H. Pylori Decision Support System (DSS) is a screening tool that was designed to have 100% sensitivity.

The H. Pylori DSS scans the entire slide and within seconds presents to the pathologist patches from the slide that are suspected to contain H. Pylori. The expert can review the images in a gallery and make an informed decision.

We are proud to collaborate with the Institute for Pathology Cologne, Germany in developing the H. Pylori detector. It was the synergistic team work with Sebastian Klein, M.D. and Prof. Reinhard Buttner, M.D. from the Institute for Pathology Cologne, Germany that led to the successful development of the first ever automated Helicobacter Pylori detector Software on gastric biopsies. 

TB Decision Support System

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs and is spread through the air. In 2017, there were more than 10 million cases of active TB which resulted in 1.6 million deaths. More than 95% of deaths occurred in developing countries. 

It usually takes 40-60 minutes of an expert pathologist to examine a TB suspected biopsy. 

We developed a TB detector that can find the presence of TB in slides within 10 seconds.

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