DeePathology™ Academia Affiliation Program

DeePathology® Academia Affiliation Program

Do you have a research project that could be tackled faster and more accurately with deep learning assisted image analysis?

The DeePathology® STUDIO, our innovative do it yourself platform, allows researchers and pathologists to develop custom AI solutions for histological image analysis without any background knowledge in computer coding or AI.

The DeePathology® Academia Affiliation Program is our initiative to bring state-of-the-art deep-learning technology closer to academic users.​
Chen Sagiv, PhD
Co-CEO and Co-Founder

DeePathology® STUDIO key features

  • Create your own AI solutions to improve and speed up your analysis of histological whole slide images and other images

  • Choose between four project modes: object detection, cell detection, region detection and tile classification

  • Acquire balanced and high-quality training data sets with the help of our active learning engine

  • Quickly annotate hundreds of objects in just minutes using our state of the art fast annotation tools

What we offer

  • DeePathology® STUDIO free of charge for up to 2 months* for non-commercial internal research use

  • Experience the full potential of our DIY-platform without restrictions in functionality

  • We assist you in using the STUDIO, including a live demonstration of the software

* 1 month for non-profit research organizations, 2 months for public universities

Our academic partners

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