About Us

We come from Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. In the last decade we have developed dozens of solutions to problems in computer vision and signal processing including Digital Pathology.
We had a unique opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions with many pathologists and thought leaders while we took part in the ROCHE Digital Health Accelerator in Munich. We realized that pathology has thousands of problems that can benefit from the power of AI. We understood that creating solutions from scratch by AI experts to every new problem is not scalable. We realized that putting the pathologist in the center of the AI creation is the right way to bring scalability.

We believe that our task is to make AI simple and intuitive and accessible and bring AI creation to the hands of professions who are not AI experts.

This is why we created the DeePathology™ STUDIO – a Do It Yourself platform that allows pathologists and researchers who are not AI experts to build their own AI solution to pathology or cytology problems – super fast, super accurate and super fun.


Chen Sagiv, PhD

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Nizan Sagiv

Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Chairman

Jacob Gildenblat

Co-Founder, CTO

Prof. Jens Pahnke

Advisory Board

Ofir Etz Hadar

Deep Learning Developer

Masha Aisner

Operations & Office Manager