We offer DeePathology STUDIO™ to empower Pathologists with state of the art AI, to automate their quantification tasks.

We develop AI algorithms – our H. Pylori Decision Support System is fully integrated into routine pathology workflow.

We also offer customized AI solutions for Digital Pathology, leveraging on our deep expertise in Deep Learning and Digital Pathology. 

DeePathology.ai was founded in 2018 after graduating from the Roche Digital Health Innovation Lab Accelerator in Munich.

Do you have a task of cell detection, tissue segmentation or tissue classification? We are here for YOU!
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DeePathology STUDIO™:
DeePathology STUDIO™ – Create your own AI solutions for Digital Pathology quantification tasks.

The DeePathology STUDIO™ is a revolutionary tool that lets Pathologists and Researchers create state of the art AI solutions for various quantification problems, like counting cells and different kinds of objects, segmenting tumor regions and more.
It offers powerful annotation tools combined with algorithms that emphasize efficiency – we want you to spend less time on annotations and still get great results.

The DeePathology STUDIO™ uses powerful algorithms behind the scenes: Deep Learning, Active Learning, Online Learning and more, to provide you an extremely strong but simple to use practical tool.

The DeePathology STUDIO™ is already utilized worldwide to create quantification solutions for NeuroPathology, Skin Biopsies and more.

The H. Pylori Decision Support System:
The detection of the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in gastric biopsies is a common task in pathology. This is a tedious and time consuming task of pathologists and sometimes it is easy to miss instances of the bacteria.

We are proud to collaborate with the Institute for Pathology Cologne, Germany in developing the H. Pylori detector. It was the synergistic team work with Sebastian Klein, M.D. and Prof. Reinhard Buttner, M.D. from the Institute for Pathology Cologne, Germany that led to the successful development of the first ever automated Helicobacter Pylori detector Software on gastric biopsies. 


Chen Sagiv, PhD

Co-Founder, Co-CEO



Jacob Gildenblat

Co-Founder, CTO

Nizan Sagiv

Co-Founder, Co-CEO