Bringing the Power of AI to Digital Pathology

Bringing the Power of AI to Digital Pathology is a Pathologist Assistant System.

We develop state-of-the-art algorithms to help pathologists perform day-to-day tedious, yet important tasks and empower them with computer vision, deep learning and AI.

Who we are: was founded in 2018 after graduating from the Roche Digital Health Innovation Lab Accelerator in Munich.

We aim to bring rapid and accurate diagnoses and enhance the workflow of pathologists worldwide.

The Cell Detection Studio™:

Cell Detection is an important task in medical diagnosis and pharma research.

The type, number, density and size of cells can provide indication for progress of cancer or the efficiency of a drug.

Usually cell detection is done manually by the pathologists. Automating this task requires a lot of annotation and a team of Deep Learning experts to develop the specific cell detection algorithm.

This is why we at developed the Cell Detection Studio™ – a ‘do it yourself’ tool that allows pathologists and researchers to create their own AI algorithms for detecting the cells that are interesting for them.

We use state of the art Deep Learning methods, and combine active learning and data balancing approaches.

If you are interested in a demo of the Cell Detection Studio™ drop us an email:

The H. Pylori Detector:
The detection of the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in gastric biopsies is a common task in pathology.  

This is a tedious and time consuming task of pathologists and sometimes it is easy to miss instances of the bacteria.

We are proud to collaborate with the Institute for Pathology Cologne, Germany in developing the H. Pylori detector.

It was the synergistic team work with Sebastian Klein, M.D. and Prof. Reinhard Buttner, M.D. from the Institute for Pathology Cologne, Germany that led to the successful development of the first ever automated Helicobacter Pylori detector Software on gastric biopsies. 

 You can now download our Helicobacter Pylori Detector Software for a free 90-day trial periodDownload Now !

Interested? Download it today!

Chen Sagiv, PhD

Co-Founder, Co-CEO


Jacob Gildenblat

Co-Founder, CTO

Nizan Sagiv

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

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