DeePathology™ STUDIO is a Do It Yourself platform that allows pathologists and researchers to develop by themselves AI solutions for important problems in Pathology – on a laptop in their lab


The STUDIO is a powerful AI Solutions for pathology. You can develop your own algorithms or apply our ready to use solutions on your own data


With a proven record of successful project in AI for pathology we can create a customized solution to serve your goals.
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The STUDIO lets you
create AI for powerful
analytics like cell density
in tumor regions

In the picture:
H&E TMA analysis done with
the STUDIO by Vall d’Hebron
institue of Oncology.

Powerful and robust,
to solve your Pathology challenges

The STUDIO lets you create AI algorithms for detecting regions and objects, and then seamlessly combine them. 

Regions, Objects, Cells – teach the STUDIO to count them for you.

Interactive AI, Unprecedented annotation speed.
Deep Learning should work for you, and not the other way around

Our innovative annotation modes, like the powerful gallery mode, auto AI mode, and more, lets you annotate huge high quality and balanced datasets, very quickly. Do in 10 minutes what would take you a few days!

Revolutionizing Pathology

The STUDIO is utilized in hundreds of AI applications, allowing powerful quantification analytics that were just not available for Pathologists before. In the picture: Microglia detection AI easily created using the STUDIO, for Alzheimer research.

The STUDIO lets you deal with real world problems in your slides

Do you have out of focus regions?
No problem, the STUDIO lets you automatically detect artifacts, and do the analysis in other regions.


See the future of AI for Pathology IN LIVE ACTION.
We can run this on your slides, and create AI in minutes

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